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Amazing Thailand


Before I got married in 2013, the last country I came to visit was Thailand. Yes, I go there almost every other year yet the country never ceases to amaze me. This will be my husband's first Eat Pray Love Adventure on our next trip to Asia. The only difference is, I'll be leaving him for 10 days to stay in the temple with the monks (Nope. We are not kidding) He wants to go on a Buddhist retreat and experience not speaking for 10 days (No worries, I will keep you posted when that happens - big grin. )

Let me give you a few of my reasons why and a few tips should you decide to visit the Kingdom of Thailand:

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Children Don't Come with a Manual

My book is a no nonsense practical guide that provides parents with the understanding of what stage a child goes through and the different ways to handle situations and to teach good behavior.

The book also discusses the not only the rights of a child but the rights of parents.