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My day started at 6:30am with a viber call from my son. "Happy Birthday Mom!" I was drowsy, lacked sleep, sore throat (still is as I write this) and body soooo in pain (I know, you get it by now). But a Mama is a Mama and we don't usually want our kids to hear or see us suffering, so I tried to sound perky and all awake and up and about but this young man knew 8,000 miles away. "Mom, your voice is not okay, are you sick?" Mind you, this is despite me, smiling while speaking to him on the phone.

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Children Don't Come with a Manual

My book is a no nonsense practical guide that provides parents with the understanding of what stage a child goes through and the different ways to handle situations and to teach good behavior.

The book also discusses the not only the rights of a child but the rights of parents.